Four teams from each the Wednesday night and Thursday night division of the Southern Tier Brewing Company Stones League made the cut for playoffs. This week each night will hold a playoff where the first and fourth seed and the 2nd and 3rd seed will play each other. The winners of those games will play each other in a best of three games series to decide who will represent their division in the championship game next week.

Wednesday Night Division
1st seed Gryffindor (Lake Sivak and Lucas Peterson) will play 4th seed Climax and Regret (Larry King Jr. and Rob DuBois). 2nd seed Rock E. Balboas (Rob Loll and Frank Besse) will play against 3rd seed Harmony Perfection (Darren Spetz and Larry King Sr.).

Thursday Nigh Division
Mmmm…? (Jason Sivak and Roger Paquin) play against Stone Ballers (Peyton Sivak and Nathan Priester) to determine who will be 1st and 2nd seed. The winner of the game will play against the 4th seed Table Dance (Brad Grover and Joe Irons) and the loser will play the 3rd seed Like Brothers (Adam Eckert and Josh Eckert).

Gameplay on both nights will start at 5:45 pm. Championship game date to be determined.