stbcleaguesignupsWith the warm weather starting early this year, we here at the STA are already getting geared up for another exciting season of Stones league at Brewer’s Hollow at Southern Tier Brewing Company! We have made league sign-ups an item in our online store, so you can sign up for your night and pay online,
Right Here:
**NOTE** YOU MUST SELECT WHICH NIGHT YOU WANT TO REGISTER FOR. Also note that the item in the online store is to sign up 1 two-person team. YOU ONLY NEED TO PURCHASE 1 PER TEAM!!
League will run for 8 weeks starting June 8 & 9 with playoffs to follow, as well as an end of year party at Brazil Craft Beer & Wine Lounge in Jamestown. We decided to start league a little earlier in June this year, because the Empty Pint is now open on Wednesday nights year round, and we wanted to take advantage of the longer hours of sunlight in June. Plus this gives us a little leeway in case there are a couple of nights with nasty weather.
We also have some other exciting announcements coming up about a couple of new courses and new tournaments.
Once again go to the online store: to register for league and buy any gear you need to get ready for the year.