2017 Brewers Hollow League Preview

The 2017 Brewers Hollow League season is here. The league is arguably the most difficult event of the year to win and second in prestige only to the World Championships. Winning the league requires determination and consistency that only the best teams possess. And with the competition as close and fierce as ever, expect upsets and dramatic finishes. More and more top quality teams emerge every season to challenge the regulars and make a run at the playoffs. With that being said, here are my predictions for the top 4 teams on Wednesday and Thursday night to qualify for the playoffs:


  1. Splash Brothers
  2. Climax & Regret
  3. Rock E Balboas
  4. Kade and Erik


  1. Bender’s Ballers
  2. Like Brothers
  3. Jeff Slater and Jed Dubois
  4. Kevin Johnson and Ryan Smith