2017 Brewers Hollow League Preview

2017 Brewers Hollow League Preview The 2017 Brewers Hollow League season is here. The league is arguably the most difficult event of the year to win and second in prestige only to the World Championships. Winning the league requires determination and consistency that only the best teams possess. And with the competition as close and fierce as ever, expect upsets and dramatic finishes. More and more top quality teams emerge every season to challenge the regulars and make a [...]

2017 Hope’s Cup Recap

2017 Hope's Cup Recap by Peyton Sivak Peyton Sivak is the Stones Throwing Association's lead analyst. The 2017 Hope’s Cup Tournament brought together some of the finest stones players Philadelphia and Chautauqua could offer this past weekend. The bi-annual event was hosted in Philadelphia this year for the first time. Following the crushing defeat from the previous Hope’s Cup, Philadelphia looked forward to using their home course advantage to best the travelling Chautauqua side. At the same [...]

2017 Year of the Rooster Coldcock Winter Tournament Recap

2017 Year of the Rooster Coldcock Winter Tournament Recap By: Peyton Sivak Stones Analyst   This past Saturday marked the beginning of the Chinese year of the rooster and the first ever Coldcock tournament to celebrate it. Many teams from the local area, Pittsburgh and Buffalo showed up at Enchanted Mountain Spirits in Jamestown to see what fortune the rooster had in store for them [...]

Top 3 Players to Watch Going Into the 2017 Season

Top 3 Players to Watch Going Into the 2017 Season By: Peyton Sivak Stones Analyst As we approach the beginning of the 2017 Stones season, it is time to look at some of the upcoming, underrated players we expect to make an impact in the Year of the Rooster. In Chinese mythology, the rooster is regarded as a symbol of fidelity and punctuality and the rooster’s crow was significant [...]

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Stones gets some national press on NPR’s “Only a Game”

One of the founding fathers of Stones, Chris Kinka, was on the radio talking about his work in Philadelphia. It's great to hear the news of Stones spread through airwaves. Check it out! Also be sure to check out to learn more about what Chris and his crew are up to. One note of clarification: the story called the Philly course "the first public course" meaning the first free course on public land. The first course that was [...]

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League Sign-ups at Brewers Hollow Now Open

With the warm weather starting early this year, we here at the STA are already getting geared up for another exciting season of Stones league at Brewer's Hollow at Southern Tier Brewing Company! We have made league sign-ups an item in our online store, so you can sign up for your night and pay online, Right Here: **NOTE** YOU MUST SELECT WHICH NIGHT YOU WANT TO REGISTER FOR. Also note that the item in the online store is to [...]

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Stones World Champions Crowned

Chris Kinka and Jason Sivak hoist this year's trophy after being crowned the 2015 World Champions.    The competition in this year's World Championship was fierce as always. At times the World Championship has seen competitors from the US, Ethiopia, England, Ireland and Canada. It is usually a single elimination tournament, but this year, we made the decision to reduce the number of teams and make the tournament double elimination, to increase the quality of play. A number of teams [...]

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STBC Stones League Playoffs start this week

Four teams from each the Wednesday night and Thursday night division of the Southern Tier Brewing Company Stones League made the cut for playoffs. This week each night will hold a playoff where the first and fourth seed and the 2nd and 3rd seed will play each other. The winners of those games will play each other in a best of three games series to decide who will represent their division in the championship game next week. Wednesday Night Division [...]

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2nd World Championship of Stones – September 20-21, Lakewood, NY

World Championship of Stones 2013 Trophy The 2nd World Championship of Stones Tournament will take place September 20-21, 2014, at Southern Tier Brewery in Lakewood, NY. The tournament features a single-elimination, 32-team format. The field will be narrowed down to 4 teams by the end of day one, with the Final Four competing at noon the next day. The winners take home the hand-carved stone trophy and bragging rights for 2014. Entry cost is $50 per team. Rental [...]

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Recap: 2014 West Chester Invitational

A gorgeous spring day started the Stones 2014 West Chester Invitational tournament with round robin play between 11 teams to establish a seeded, 8-team single-elimination tournament. Team Black Irish, Sean Smiley and Nate Carter, ran the table during this portion of the day. Most shocking was the 0-2 start by Ryan Kinka and Tommy Pendergast, putting themselves on the brink of missing the elimination round. They scrapped out a win in their final game, however, and ended up with a [...]

New Game in Town

Angola, N.Y. (WKBW) – It all started with some friends camping out in the woods. “We had a set of balls and we started throwing them around and we said how can we make this cooler, by mowing in a course,” Inventor Jason Sivak said. The new game is called Stones. view on WKBW website

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Results: 2013 Memorial Day Tournament

It was a great 2 days that ended with one of the greatest games in STA History. Saturday started with a breeze in the air. Jason and Heath Sivak were the first to two wins and quickly got their challenge in to last years champions John Janick and Chris Kinka. Whether is was due to the chill in the air or just a lack of play, the former champs came out cold and were no match for the Sivak Brothers [...]