3 Player


How To Play




  • Each player carries a 4 stone player set and throws 3 of the stones per round.
  • Determine a throwing order for the mark and establishing.
  • Once the player who threw the mark establishes a stone in play, the next person in the throwing order must establish. Once they have established, it goes to the next player to get a ball in play.
  • Once all 3 players have established, the next throw goes to the player with the furthest stone from the mark, this continues until the round is finished.
  • If all 3 of a player’s stones are resting closer to the mark than all of the opposition’s stones, 5 points are awarded.
  • To win, a player must win by 2 points or more on the final landing.
  • All other rules regarding the course, gameplay, X hole and water apply. See STA Rulebook


Overtime – Classic


  • If all five stretches have been played and no-one has a 2 point lead (or more) over the other two competitors, then the game goes to overtime.
  • If all 3 players are tied or within a point of one another, then all 3 go to overtime.
  • If only 2 players are tied or within a point of each other and the third player has less points and is not within one, the third player is out of the game and the other two players go to overtime.
  • In the 2 player overtime, each person only throws 2 of their stones per round. 3 points are awarded if both stones are closer than the opposition’s.
  • The X-hole can be played again in OT


Overtime – Redemption


  • If any two players are within a point and the game is forced to overtime, then all 3 players go to overtime.
  • This gives the person in last place a few more chances to score points and get back in the game, and keeps everyone playing.
  • All other rules regarding overtime apply.