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2017 Brewers Hollow League Preview

2017 Brewers Hollow League Preview The 2017 Brewers Hollow League season is here. The league is arguably the most difficult event of the year to win and second in prestige only to the World Championships. Winning the league requires determination and consistency that only the best teams possess. And with the competition as close and fierce as ever, expect upsets and dramatic finishes. More and more top quality teams emerge every season to challenge the regulars and make a [...]

2017 Hope’s Cup Recap

2017 Hope's Cup Recap by Peyton Sivak Peyton Sivak is the Stones Throwing Association's lead analyst. The 2017 Hope’s Cup Tournament brought together some of the finest stones players Philadelphia and Chautauqua could offer this past weekend. The bi-annual event was hosted in Philadelphia this year for the first time. Following the crushing defeat from the previous Hope’s Cup, Philadelphia looked forward to using their home course advantage to best the travelling Chautauqua side. At the same [...]

2017 Year of the Rooster Coldcock Winter Tournament Recap

2017 Year of the Rooster Coldcock Winter Tournament Recap By: Peyton Sivak Stones Analyst   This past Saturday marked the beginning of the Chinese year of the rooster and the first ever Coldcock tournament to celebrate it. Many teams from the local area, Pittsburgh and Buffalo showed up at Enchanted Mountain Spirits in Jamestown to see what fortune the rooster had in store for them [...]