The Road to the Stones World Championship: Your Guide to Qualifying

As the Stones Throwing Association (STA) gears up for the World Championship, players across the globe are eyeing a spot in this prestigious event. Qualifying for the World Championship is a journey of skill, strategy, and accumulation of points through designated tournaments and leagues. Here’s everything you need to know about earning and receiving points to secure your place in the championship.

Earning Points: The Path to Qualification

The journey to the World Championship starts with participating in various STA-sanctioned events. These events are your battlegrounds to earn crucial qualifying points.

Receiving Points: The Leaderboard and Teaming Up

Every player who earns points will be placed on the STA leaderboard individually. The unique twist in STA’s system is the teaming process for the championship:

  • After the final qualifying event, players must bid for a spot in the World Championship with a chosen teammate.
  • The combined points of both players determine their qualification and seeding in the tournament.

Points Distribution: Understanding the System

The points system varies based on the type of event. More prestigious events yield higher points, encouraging players to participate in a mix of local and larger-scale tournaments.

STA Sanctioned Events

  • Bronze Events: First place takes home 360 points.
  • Silver Events: A top finish gives you 540 points.
  • Gold Events: Winning can net you an impressive 720 points.

STA Sanctioned Leagues

  • Bronze League: Champions earn 450 points.
  • Silver League: Top the league and earn 630 points.
  • Gold League: Excel and earn 810 points for a first-place finish.

Conclusion: Your Strategy for Success

Qualifying for the World Championship is a strategic journey that combines individual skill and collaboration. Players are encouraged to participate in a variety of events, strategize with their potential teammates, and accumulate points to secure their spot in the world’s premier Stones competition.

The 2024 STA season promises to be more competitive and thrilling than ever. Competing in each event is a step toward the ultimate goal – the World Championship. So, plan your strategy, team up wisely, and embark on a journey that could lead you to become a champion in the world of stones.

Stay tuned to the STA website for further details and registration information. The quest for glory awaits!

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