2023 World Championship Rankings

2023 World Championship

Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
#1 Peyton & Chase  
September 17, 2023
#1 Peyton & Chase 21 #8 Jona Peterson & Thomas Rhodes
#1 Peyton & Chase
September 17, 2023
#1 Peyton & Chase 21 #3 Eddie & Trent
#8 Jona Peterson & Thomas Rhodes
 #1 Peyton & Chase
#3 Eddie & Trent
September 17, 2023
#1 Peyton & Chase 20 #4 Jason Sivak & Jeff Nail
September 17, 2023
#3 Eddie & Trent 21 #6 Nick Everson & Mayson Matthews
#3 Eddie & Trent
#6 Nick Everson & Mayson Matthews
# 5 Jeff Breen & Tim
September 17, 2023
# 5 Jeff Breen & Tim 02 #4 Jason Sivak & Jeff Nail
#4 Jason Sivak & Jeff Nail
September 17, 2023
#4 Jason Sivak & Jeff Nail 21 #2 Lake Sivak & Alex Miliner
#4 Jason Sivak & Jeff Nail
 #4 Jason Sivak & Jeff Nail
#2 Lake Sivak & Alex Miliner 
September 17, 2023
#2 Lake Sivak & Alex Miliner 20 #7 Roger Paquin & Jordanne Nail
#2 Lake Sivak & Alex Miliner
#7 Roger Paquin & Jordanne Nail




#1 Peyton & Chase

"Stones of Destiny: Peyton Sivak & Chase Stevenson's Epic World Championship Journey"

The Stones Throwing Association's World Championships in 2023 would prove to be a defining moment in the history of the sport. At the heart of the competition were two formidable competitors, Peyton Sivak and Chase Stevenson, who had dominated the season, entering the event as the number one seed with nearly double the qualifying points of their closest competitors. Each round in the championship was a best-of-three series, and their journey began with a matchup against the eighth-seeded duo, Jona Peterson and Thomas Rhodes. In Game 1, Peyton and Chase left no room for doubt, delivering a stunning performance with a 12 on the X hole and a resounding 28-3 victory. However, Game 2 was a stark contrast, with the underdogs, Jona and Thomas, mounting a remarkable comeback. The game remained neck and neck until the third stretch when Thomas and Jona pulled off a 13-5 victory, pushing the series to a decisive Game 3. But in Game 3, Peyton and Chase regained their dominance, securing a convincing 23-4 win, sealing their spot in Series 2. Series 2 presented a formidable challenge as they faced off against Trent and Eddie, who had previously won the Apollo Open earlier that year. Game 1 saw a fiercely contested battle, with neither side taking more than a 4-point lead. The game eventually went into overtime, where Eddie and Trent narrowly secured a 12-10 win. Game 2 was a complete turnaround as Peyton and Chase returned to their dominant form, winning decisively with a score of 16-1. However, it was Game 3 that etched their names into the annals of Stones Throwing history. Eddie and Trent had a 10-1 lead, seemingly poised for victory, but Peyton and Chase fought back valiantly. With the crowd holding their breath, they forced overtime. Spectators witnessed an incredible triple-overtime showdown, culminating in an unlikely comeback as Peyton and Chase emerged victorious with a 13-11 score. In the finals, they faced the duo of Jason Sivak and Jeff Nail, setting the stage for a clash of titans. Seven hours of grueling play had led to this moment, and Game 1 did not disappoint. Back-and-forth, the lead changed hands as the pressure mounted. With daylight fading, the game concluded with a 13-8 win for Peyton and Chase. Game 2 was an even closer affair. Peyton and Chase started strong, only for Jason and Jeff to stage a remarkable comeback. It remained tight until the last stretch when Peyton and Chase scored three crucial points to force overtime. In the first overtime, Peyton seemed poised to secure victory, only for Jason to knock their stone out, pushing for double overtime. But on the very last throw of the round, Chase rolled a stone close to the mark, making them the 2023 Stones World Champions, capping off an epic journey that would be remembered for generations to come.

Earning Points: The way that you will earn points to qualify for World Championship will be by placing well in designated qualifying tournaments and leagues. Each event will be for a certain number of points that will be awarded to teams that finish in the top 8 of the events. 

Receiving points: Each player that receives points will be placed on the leaderboard to be invited to World Championship for a chance to win $1,000. These points are for individuals and after the final qualifying event you will have to place a bid to the STA governing body to attempt and qualify. The points added between the two players will decide on tournament seeding. 

Points Distribution for events

Home Course Events

Bronze Event

Silver Event

Gold Team Event

400 points

600 points

800 Points

1st – 180 STA qualifying points

2nd – 80 STA qualifying points

3rd – 40 STA qualifying points

4th – 40 STA qualifying points

5th – 20 STA qualifying points

6th – 20 STA qualifying points

7th – 10 STA qualifying points

8th – 10 STA qualifying points

1st – 270 STA qualifying points

2nd – 120 STA qualifying points

3rd – 60 STA qualifying points

4th – 60 STA qualifying points

5th – 30 STA qualifying points

6th – 30 STA qualifying points

7th – 15 STA qualifying points 

8th – 15 STA qualifying points

1st – 360 STA qualifying points

2nd – 160 STA qualifying points

3rd – 80 STA qualifying points

4th – 80 STA qualifying points

5th – 40 STA qualifying points

6th – 40 STA qualifying points

7th – 20 STA qualifying points

8th – 20 STA qualifying points

Stones Throwing Association Sanctioned Events

Bronze Events

Silver Events

Gold Events

800 Points

1200 points

1600 Points

1st – 360 STA qualifying points

2nd – 160 STA qualifying points

3rd – 80 STA qualifying points

4th – 80 STA qualifying points

5th – 40 STA qualifying points

6th – 40 STA qualifying points

7th – 20 STA qualifying points

8th – 20 STA qualifying points

1st – 540 STA qualifying points

2nd – 240 STA qualifying points

3rd – 120 STA qualifying points

4th – 120 STA qualifying points

5th – 60 STA qualifying points

6th – 60 STA qualifying points

7th – 30 STA qualifying points

8th – 30 STA qualifying points

1st – 720 STA qualifying points

2nd – 320 STA qualifying points

3rd – 160 STA qualifying points

4th – 160 STA qualifying points

5th – 80 STA qualifying points

6th – 80 STA qualifying points

7th – 40 STA qualifying points

8th – 40 STA qualifying points

Stones Throwing Association Sanctioned Leagues

Bronze League

Silver League

Gold League

1000 Points

1400 Points

1800 Points

1st – 450 STA qualifying points

2nd – 200 STA qualifying points

3rd – 100 STA qualifying points

4th – 100 STA qualifying points

5th – 50 STA qualifying points

6th – 50 STA qualifying points

7th – 25 STA qualifying points

8th – 25 STA qualifying points

1st – 630 STA qualifying points

2nd – 280 STA qualifying points

3rd – 140 STA qualifying points

4th – 140 STA qualifying points

5th – 70 STA qualifying points

6th – 70 STA qualifying points

7th – 35 STA qualifying points

8th – 35 STA qualifying points

1st – 810 STA qualifying points

2nd – 360 STA qualifying points

3rd – 180 STA qualifying points

4th – 180 STA qualifying points

5th – 90 STA qualifying points

6th – 90 STA qualifying points

7th – 45 STA qualifying points

8th – 45 STA qualifying points

Place Your Championship Bid Here

The world championship seeding will be based on combined World Championship points between the two players. The bids will close and have the bracket will be released on September 10th. The tournament will be held on September 16th and will be single elimination with each match-up being a Best of 3 Series.