What is Stones?

Stones is a unique outdoor game that combines the strategic throwing of bocce with the fun and varied landscapes of mini-golf, creating an engaging experience for all ages.

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The Earth Is Your Course

In the world of Stones, every landscape is a canvas for adventure. From the soft, shell-strewn sands of beaches to forests blanketed in pine needles and twigs, to the manicured charm of mowed meadows and diverse soil terrains – diversity is our playground. We embrace the unconventional, where slopes, hills, and rugged cliffs become the backdrop for an exhilarating Stones experience.

Stone Selection


Best used to get into tight spaces, carry less momentum on slopes or just to be a smaller target for the opponent to hit

2 x 100mm

There are 2 of these versatile stones per set. Use them to establish, score, block, knockout or assist another stone.


The largest of the set is best used to knock your opponent, or the mark out of play. It can also be a great establish in the right situation.

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