What is Stones?

Stones offers a delightful mix of camaraderie and excitement! While newcomers can grasp the straightforward rules swiftly, seasoned players can elevate the game to an intense, competitive level.

The Earth Is Your Course

The sky is the limit here. Stones courses have been developed on beaches of soft sand and crushed shells, within forests covered in pine needles, twigs, and branches, in mowed meadows, and on all soil consistencies. Level surfaces are frowned upon. The more slopes, hills, and jagged cliffs the better.

Stone Selection


Best used to get into tight spaces, carry less momentum on slopes or just to be a smaller target for the opponent to hit

2 x 100mm

There are 2 of these versatile stones per set. Use them to establish, score, block, knockout or assist another stone.


The largest of the set is best used to knock your opponent, or the mark out of play. It can also be a great establish in the right situation.


The Highest Competition Stones Event of The Year!

When: September 16th

Where: Brewers Hollow Stones Course

2072 Stoneman Circle, Lakewood NY

Whether you’re a Stones Pro or have never played, the World Championship offers excitement for everyone.